Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifications for logos and images in the directory?

Here are the specifications for logos and images uploaded to the directory. You probably don't need to understand these – just upload your image and see if it works and looks good.

  • Images must be in the JPEG, PNG or GIF format and can be up to 10MB in size. Generally you will want to use a JPEG for a photo, or a PNG for a logo.
  • Images must be at least 692 pixels wide or 606 pixels high. The image will be scaled automatically to fit in a 692x606px and 255x223px box.
  • Images are displayed on a white background. So if you have multiple versions, upload one appropriate for use on light backgrounds.
  • If you need assistance preparing your image, we suggest you contact one of Whanganui's talented Graphic Designers.

Where can I send feedback about this website?

Please contact  .

How do I edit my listing?

Click on the 'edit link' that was emailed to you when you created or last edited your listing. If you have lost that email, go here to get a new link.