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16 Turoa Rd, Wanganui.
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About Tracey Grant
Capturing the complete story in her images defines Wanganui Photographer Tracey’s photography.

Tracey’s 24 years in photojournalism has given her the professional edge to capture the essence of the subject.

Her technical expertise is a facet of her profession backed by her confidence and expert eye to deliver beyond the client’s expectation. Tracey is a NZIPP qualified Portrait Photographer.

Tracey says listening to the client is paramount; this builds into the relationship a trust that the job will be completed on time, and to the highest standard.

This is underscored by Tracey’s continuing professional development.

Tracey’s extensive overseas travel and interests also add to her vast repertoire of experiences that have grown her photographic disciplines; travels in India, Africa, Egypt, Europe, Canada and in Fiordland have contributed to her wealth of visual knowledge for her works. A limited edition series of Portraits from the “Capturing the Essence” Exhibition held after traveling through India are available.

Tracey is sought after for her glass art photography: “I love the challenge of photographing glass, and the magic of the play of light through the glass.”

She is prepared to travel to wherever the photography assignment should take her.