Alan Miles


In various contexts it has been stated, "Evolve or die!". Responsiveness to change starts with understanding your business as well as any external factors affecting it. What sets your business apart from others, and how can that be improved? My part in answering that challenge is in business process modelling - providing deep understanding of the business, what makes it unique, and how improvements can be made without compromise. Further opportunities for improvement may come through the automation and integration of selected operations.

I am very comfortable in bridging the gap between IT and business professionals, and in that role enjoy being a mediator, translator, and facilitator. For the last 3 years I was the IT Manager for Kiistone Business Infrastructure Limited, and was responsible for the support of 350 users in 22 locations around New Zealand. I have been the systems administrator for the 52 servers that provide services to those users in a Hyper-V Private Cloud hosted desktop environment, and in that role I had the opportunity to develop new services to improve overall functionality. This work included building and configuring a SharePoint server farm.

About Alan Miles
I am open to any opportunity that is a challenge

In my most recent role, I proved myself able to explain IT methods to others, regardless of their level of knowledge I am also a good listener, meaning that I can identify when there is an opportunity for improvement in systems. My wide range of experience means that I am likely to come up with a solution, along with what benefits such an improvement may offer.

I am a good communicator both orally and in the production of documentation. I prefer to get hands-on and am well able to follow through on a project without close supervision. On the other hand, I enjoy being part of a team, and in contributing in such a way that other team members reach their highest potential.

I am a "techie" through and through, but am also a "people person". Please give me a call to discuss your particular challenge(s)!