Confluence is Whanganui's favourite co-working space, specialist cinema, and events venue. Find out more on our website or below is a brief summary of each of the three key services we offer to the Whanganui region.

Coworking at Confluence means when you are at work you are at Confluence. So when you are at home, you are not at work.
We provide desks and office space to work from that is more affordable, more social, and more inspirational, than renting an office, or working from home.
Everything is already here, set up and ready for you. Unlike renting your own office space.
You working on your business, is our focus. Unlike working from a cafe or other public space.
It is your professional office space that is away from your home. So your home becomes a home again.

Cinema - Confluence has also become Whanganui's friendly little cinema space. Dedicated to audience experience and thoughtful films with weekly screenings throughout the year on Thursdays and, new for 2020, Fridays.

Events - One of Confluence's driving values is to support the Whanganui community. One way we do this is to provide a public space, often in collaboration with others, to host meetings, workshops, or conferences.

About Confluence
Confluence hosts take pride in being transparent in their thinking and motivations, encouraging conversations to provide clarity about anything happening here.

​Three values are behind everything that happens at Confluence: Community, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking.

​Confluence is here to facilitate the development of Whanganui's community by providing enriching experiences, and high level professional services, via an independently funded and adaptive business model.

The interpretation of Confluence's values forms part of our discussion with people coming into the space, either through policy and procedure for our coworkers, or in collaboration with our event hosts or organisers, or as evidenced by the experiences of our visitors.

Confluence is a trading name of Double Farley Creative Partners Limited, which is registered in Whanganui, New Zealand.
New Zealand Business Number (NZBN): 9429041828526.

Registered Office: 15 Watt Street, Whanganui, 4500, New Zealand. Telephone: (06) 2813474