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Whanganui has been included in the world's Smart21 Intelligent Communities three years in a row - 2013, 2014 and 2015. Whanganui Digital Leaders Forum (WDLF) is working across a variety of sectors to drive digital connectivity and growth in Whanganui, using the Intelligent Community Forum's global bencharking system to measure success. WDLF supports a number of digital and connectivity projects in Whanganui, including the early rollout of an urban fibre network; fibre connectivity to rural schools and beyond; fixed wireless connections in remote rural Whanganui; increased understanding and use of technology in the district and increased online presence for Whanganui businesses.

This Digital Whanganui Directory is supported by WDLF as one of the tools to get our digital businesses online. We welcome you to add your ICT or digital business so that Whanganui and other consumers can find you and so that we can get a better idea of where there may be gaps and opportunties in our local ICT and digital markets - as well as other opportunties to work together. We are holding Geek Meets for local ICT and digital media professionals, so please get in contact to find out when the next meeting is or if you have any other questions, comments or great ideas!

About Whanganui Digital Leaders Forum
Whanganui Digital Leaders Forum (WDLF) is the governance framework for driving the vision Whanganui is 100%Connected. It is chaired by the Mayor and its objective is that Whanganui leads the way in the digital world. WDLF has the following four key goals:

1. To be an intelligent community
2. To grow a vibrant and creative community that embraces opportunities presented
by technology and knowledge
3. To effectively market Whanganui as a digital leader
4. To ensure access for all