Working Feedback New Zealand Ltd

46 Parkdale Drive,
What we do
We are a feedback company providing businesses with the means to gather feedback from their client’s experience of them as a business, finding what they are doing well, and more importantly, what they can do better. Whilst completing this feedback, clients are asked for referrals.
How we do it
We supply and control the feedback mechanism to gather and verify all feedback, testimonials and referrals. Working feedback publishes testimonials through to social media platforms such a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Our “RSS feed” puts these testimonials directly into the business’s own website.
We capture any constructive feedback allowing the business every opportunity to resolve any issues with their customer, ensuring the highest level of service and customer retention.
Whilst getting feedback our system is designed to ask for referrals for the business to help giving our clients a non-confrontational method of getting referrals, from our experience in the UK companies have simply stopped asking for referrals.
About Working Feedback New Zealand Ltd
Working Feedback NZ Ltd was launched in New Zealand in 2014 by Russell Herd, After working with John Pemberton and Philip Molden the Co-Founders of Cade Directories ltd in the UK for several years he decided to come home to live and Working Feedback NZ was born.
It all started back in July 2006 The Disc Directory was born. This was a local directory for businesses with recommendations/testimonials to show the most recommended local businesses on a business card sized CD rom.
The company has grown and expanded, with the core factor remaining; finding the most recommended business; ensuring the recommendations were verified and stopping any malicious reviews / trolling; and putting the control back in the hands of their customer and their business.
Making use of the growing social media, our system evolved to encompass where the testimonials could populate social media automatically.
The company is strongly committed to evolving and soon referrals were a standard feature on all feedback cards, giving our clients greater value to the system at no extra cost.
With many online business directories popping up on the web, we looked at our USP and Working Feedback was born.
Working within certain sectors, prompted an addition to the Disc Directory and through further development our API was created giving Working Feedback the opportunity to develop the most recommended brand. Industry specific interactive web portals that greatly enhance the user interface taking the feedback usage for the marketing of businesses to the level we are at today.