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15 Watt Street
Introducing Confluence: Whanganui's premiere business coworking space. Built for small business users, remote office workers, and home-office workers. It offers fantastic value for money and one of the widest ranges of professional business services around. Much more than just a desk and a chair, Confluence is a new way to operate your business. So stop lone-working, come and enjoy coworking!

Opening hours:
We're open for casual coworking between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. Our desks are named after the Whanganui River tributaries to reflect the mingling of professionals in the same way the waters of our might river come together to create it.

Inclusive benefits:
- Unlimited use of one of the fastest business grade internet connections available in Whanganui. Actual speeds recorded in January 2018 of 930Mb down and over 530Mb up. Phew, that's quick!
- Free business photocopying, printing, and scanning. All in colour if needed, and up to A3 paper size. No more dry inks or expensive refills, even the paper is free.
- Wide range of free teas and coffee, including bean to cup for the perfect flat-whites. Plus we have chilled, filtered, and sparkling water on tap and inclusive with your coworking desk.
- We do our best to ensure the outside temperature is not a conversation inside. Air conditioning and heating are our main weapons to achieve a comfortable steady temperature all year round.
- One desk does not fit all. We have height adjustable desk options, large desks, smaller desks, wide desks, or standing desks.
- One chair needs to fit all. That's what we aimed for in purchasing some of the best business grade professional chairs with multiple adjustment levers.
- Open plan or side office. We have both, and Whakapapa coworking desks can choose which they prefer.
- There's so many more Confluence benefits that we recommend you have a look at our website www.confluence.kiwi

How much does it cost to cowork at Confluence?
- Our casual coworking desks, called Purua Stream, are starting from $20 including GST for 3 hours access, or new for 2018 you can add an extra $6.67 to make it a full day up to 8 hours.
- If you need longer coworking than a day, but not full time, then you cannot beat the value offered by Ongarue River coworking desks. They are just $80 including GST and give you 4 full days going with the flow at Confluence.
- Last but not least, there is our most popular coworking desk called the Whakapapa River. Like its namesake you will be welcomed to become part of the family as it provides up to 31 days access for just $345 inclusive of GST.

Welcoming new coworkers to Confluence
Confluence is a hosted coworking space. So when you are a first time visitor to Confluence one of our hosts will be delighted to show you around the space, explain how equipment works, and make sure you're comfortable and simple things like your computer is connected to the internet and printer.

Need more information?
Call us, email us, check out our website, or you're welcome to pop up and see Confluence for yourself. Throughout 2018 we're hosting a number of events which will welcome you into the space, including a free work-from-home meet-up day each month, plus study groups and more. So we're sure that no matter how you do it, you'll soon love going with the flow at Confluence.

About Confluence
More than just coworking at Confluence:
Confluence coworking is all about community. The community amongst its members but also the wider Whanganui community. Confluence is owned and operated by Double Farley who, as well as being coworkers in the space themselves, are are keen to bring exciting local, national, and international experiences to Whanganui. Confluence regularly hosts a whole heap of different events, including screenings of films, workshops, meetings, and live stream events. Where possible these are provided for free to coworkers and the visiting public, and for ticketed events our coworking users are offered discounts.

Finding Confluence:
The easiest way to find Watt Street is to find Majestic Square on Victoria Avenue and walk through this to the road running parallel to the Avenue behind the shops, this is Watt Street. Number 15 Watt Street is behind the WestPac Bank on Victoria Avenue, and is directly opposite the Davis Lecture Theatre.
Car parking is available free of charge all-day around Queen's Park or the streets near the library. Or all-day metered parking is right outside along Watt Street itself. If you require accessible parking then contact us beforehand so we can make arrangements. There is lift access to the 3rd (top) floor, or 3 flights of stairs. Our street door is open from 9am Monday to Friday. Some coworking desks include an electronic fob for access at other times.