Alan Miles

If you need someone who can get their head around how technology can enhance your business, then I’m your man. If it is important to you to get something done, I will work to find the most effective and economic way to make it happen. I provide a range business process management services - process modelling, process improvement, integration and automation.

I have the experience to understand management issues, and to communicate complicated technical ideas in non-technical terms. I like to develop a close relationship with my customers - to be a trusted ally and have the satisfaction of seeing what I do make a real difference for the better. Innovation is required in every aspect of business today, so that you stand out from the rest, for product and service quality and design. I invite you to work with me to get a clearer understanding of your business processes and to identify possible areas for improvement.

* Improve the quality of products and services delivered to customers.
* Improve profitability.
* Improve satisfaction – your own, your staff's, and your customers'.

About Alan Miles
In various contexts it has been stated, "Evolve or die!". Responsiveness to change starts with understanding your business and the external factors affecting it. What sets your business apart from others, and how can that be improved? My part in answering that challenge is in business process modelling - providing a deep understanding of the business, what makes it unique, and how improvements can be made without compromise. Further opportunities for improvement may come through automation and integration.

For the last 3 years I was the IT Manager for Kiistone Business Infrastructure Limited. In that role I was responsible for the support of 350 users in 21 locations around New Zealand. I was the primary systems administrator for the 52 servers that provide services to those users in a Hyper-V Private Cloud hosted desktop environment, and in that role developed new services to improve systems functionality.

I am available for casual or part-time work, having recently been made redundant from my full-time position at Kiistone Business Infrastructure. Give me a call if at all interested! As I did with Kiistone, I will commit to you 100% if given the opportunity. Please take a look at the reference letter from Kiistone.