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Online Strategy / Planning
Digital Futures / Innovation Coaching
9 Godwin Crescent
College Estate
Whanganui 4500
We support the creation of better web sites and online channels through planning advice that matches relevant capabilities from the rich Internet toolbox to the unique nature of your organisation. The outcome is usually an online strategy that will inform your web development and its ongoing management and maintenance.

So powerful is the Internet's role now it is literally transforming general business strategy by redefining marketplaces, lowering transaction costs of all kinds and making it easier to collaborate and co-create with those outside your walls. Without a smart plan for anticipating these new strategic drivers of change, business risks are ramping up. We can help you set up performance measures, role descriptions and governance frameworks to stay in the new game.

About e-Gov Watch Ltd
We have been advising New Zealand organisations on smart online delivery since the Internet arrived in the mid 90s. Shane Middlemiss was a early strategic advisor to government at all levels and a range of business and community organisations. We have clients throughout New Zealand and are based in Whanganui.