Double Farley


We're an award winning New Zealand owned company, with an office in Whanganui and a range of collaborative partners around this beautiful country of ours.

Every year we work on a range of projects designed to help people work in new ways. This includes creating adult learning experiences, making films, running events, and facilitating organisational and communication development activities.

We have social as well as commerical goals and support a range of non-profit organisations nationally and in the Whanganui community.

We're passionate about creating experiences that support learners, organisations and communities to thrive in rapidly changing environments.

We believe the best way to do this is to develop products and services in partnership with our clients. We don't offer off-the-shelf products or believe in one-size fits all solutions.

We use all of our skills, knowledge and expertise to create experiences that work for your organisation, in your context.

We're able to deliver great results because we take the time to understand organisational and community needs, and work closely with experts, organisational leaders and learners.

We're proud to offer unique products and services that are robustly evaluated and quality-assured.

Categories; Film, Video, Instructional Design, Training, Adult Education, Technology Coaching, Charity Support, Documentary films, Educational films, Professional filming services, Assessment, eLearning, basic website design and build, technology interpreter.

About Double Farley
​For us, business isn't just about dollars and the fiscal bottom line. Being involved in the growth of our Whanganui community, giving our time, expertise and perspective, where and when we can, is a vital part of our work.

We provide pro-bono and discounted services to charities and our community on a regular basis.

​Being involved in our community and with a wide range of other people allows us to continue our own learning, to try things out with the support of others, and develop stronger relationships. All of this is not only important for our business, but for us as individuals.

Double Farley Creative Partners Limited is registered in Whanganui, New Zealand.
New Zealand Business Number (NZBN): 9429041828526.

Registered Office: 15 Watt Street, Whanganui, 4500, New Zealand. Telephone: (06) 2813474