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Rosterit is a unique SMS-Text and Web Based Rostering and Timesheet Solution that allows you to manage your staff rosters and easily communicate your company rosters.
About Rosterit
Software Benefits
Online Roster Software BenefitsMore accurately manage your staff to the operational needs of your business. Too few staff will reduce your production or sales and reduce income. Too many staff incur costs. Roster it will manage your staff more accurately and improve your profits.

Save Time and Money!
Reduction of lost management and administrative time by 75% – 80% for staff placement issues. Your business will generally employ key people for management positions. Its predominantly management that have their time consumed by organizing and re-organizing staffing issues.

This creates two types of costs that can’t be recovered.

1. Higher wage cost of a manager spending many hours on staff rostering.
2. Loss of that managers expertise from other aspects of your business.

Reduce Stress
Real time software benefits and seamless communication between managers and staff by txt message and email. Having your staff engaged in the process of staff rostering can create a lifting affect on their motivation. They feel more inclusive in the process. Staff will provide better, more timely and relevant information to your managers. Rosterit provides software benefits to achieve this while always keeping the aspect of control in the hands of the managers.

Roster it latest technologyWe have noticed that a spin off effect is that this global access creates an environment where your good staff at all levels will step forward and your poorly motivated staff will take a back seat if management allow them to. Our clients find this an unexpected bonus as a very natural process of discovery potential in their existing staff. Rosterit can provide a rating system that can monitor this behaviour.

Improve Communication
Roster it saves moneyWe will commit to a high level of on going service throughout the life time of our relationship. Rosterit is software as a service. This means that high levels of personal service come as part of the software package. You can assume this as a natural right of being our customer. We will provide ongoing service. This includes IT Support, training, upgrades and research into development for you.

You will never have to worry about keeping updated, upgraded or up skilled. We will take care of that for you, throughout our relationship. The most effective and immediate way of managing groups of standby- casual and on call staff. We all know that the pace of change is accelerating. How do we manage that change? More businesses are turning to pools of part-time on call staff.

Avoid last – minute problems. Efficiently manage staff rosters and staffing changes
Rosterit can manage these pools of standbys automatically, globally and instantly

Automatic and immediate acquisition of outside temp labour to maintain critical production levels. rosterit can make the process of getting outside temping staff into your workplace automatic and incredibly fast. Rosterit can maintain your critical staffing levels and take away stress and lost production in your process.

Integrate with leading payroll systems
Automated data import and export to existing payroll and hr programmes.

We have made a clear decision to be the best at staff rostering management.
We can feed information into your existing payroll and HR systems.
We will not interfere with how you currently run payroll and HR management but we will definitely make that process easier.